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I have always loved playing with clay, which is why I was so drawn to stop-motion animation. While I still love to create characters and bring them to life with film animation, it remains an ephemeral experience of the artwork. What I enjoy about ceramics is the tactile, intimate experience of each piece. My aunt Midge was a potter, one of her pieces was my late father's favorite mug. Since I was a kid I remember Dad having his coffee in that mug, a cozy ritual that remains imprinted in that handcrafted object; now a precious memento of Dad. Ceramics allows me to create functional sculptures that may bring comfort to those who use them.


Please check out my Instagram for current work

If you find a piece you really like and it is out of stock, please send me an e-mail and I will do my best to produce what you desire. Please note that each piece is unique and slight variations occur.

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