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Looking for a talented, creative, hard and fast working animator? Look no further, I am here to add beautiful, poetic animation to suit your animation needs!
I am an independent film animator and illustrator, eager to make a positive contribution to the world. I have a BFA in film animation and my interests are in creating work that entertains solutions to encourage sustainable lifestyles, to help facilitate healthy living, promote respect for our environment and educate about human rights.

I am currently working on 2d animated sequences for Ivey Camille Manybeads Tso's documentary film Powerlands.

I am the official Peas & Beans animator offering a traditional 2d “cartoon” style animation.

I have worked on various films and contracts using stop-motion clay animation, including this educational music video for the Sesame Street channel. I completed animation work on a documentary film called Naila and the Uprising, directed by Julia Bacha. In this last work, we used an under-camera, hand-drawn method using watercolor crayon on under-lit film, creating the esthetics of a moving charcoal drawing.

In addition to my creative skills, I have an array of teaching experience. I have worked with grade 3 elementary children with learning disabilities and behavioral problems, given animation workshops to primary school children, I give stop-motion workshops yearly to first-year Concordia University students, as well as kids' yoga classes to K.I.D.S. daycares. I would love to continue teaching through my animations.

As you will see by my demo-reel, I am capable of animating in several different styles and techniques, have a passion for sharing knowledge in a creative way, so please get in touch and lets bring some drawings to life!


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